Matter/Practice Management

Next generation practice management enables fast, cost effective customizing with little or no developer effort. Instead of several month-long implementation projects, now your solution can be rolled out in phases within weeks. 

Get next generation matter/practice management, deployed properly and cost effectively. 

Matter/Practice Management

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Traditional enterprise legal management products require extensive customization to match the user experience needed to satisfy the customer's requirements. Many have only basic workflow and most, nothing at all. 

These factors increase the need for costly and time consuming custom development. Once developed, the company is left with a ridged, one off solution, ultimately increasing professional services, and in the total cost of ownership.

Why choose Next Generation Legal Automation Platforms?
Companies and law firms that see the importance of digital transformation, require solutions that can be tailored to their exact work processes. This includes the need for collecting information from within easy to use forms and bots, as well as workflows that address specific use cases. Further, they need potentially different user experiences and workflows for different practice areas. 

They need to deploy new solution quickly and cost effectively and as their needs change, they need to know that modifying the solution can be accomplished immediately - without involving developers. 

Matter/Practice Management solutions deployed by Legal Automation Group leverage platforms that are inherently agile. Build your user experiences exactly how you need them. Tailor your workflows to allocate work in the exact manner to achieve optimal efficiency.

Contract Management/Document Automation

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Historically, contract management has be deployed as a stand alone application. Many end up integrating it with document storage solutions and data sources, such as customer relationship management or legal management products.

Forward thinking companies and law firms are taking a more holistic view of this as part of their legal automation initiatives. They ask us, "how can we leverage what we have that works and make everything work in an integrated fashion."

The bigger picture is comprised of, data sources, ideally from a single source of truth, document assembly capabilities to improve standardization and a simplified user experience, ticket or matter creation for case tracking, workflow and task allocation for process optimization, and finally, document storage, to improve organization and access to content that is generated.

Contract lifecycle management software gives the legal department the needed visibility into contracts and creates reliable processes to complete their review, approval, execution and management. 

Legal Automation Group advocates solutions that address as many of these requirements as possible. Some all in one platforms have been integrated to the point where seamless, end to end processes can occur, all relevant data is stored in a central place and documents are stored in an accessible fashion.

Workflow/ Task Management

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A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity, enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, the work of a person or group, the work of an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms.

The team at Legal Automation Group are workflow experts. We help you establish new or refine your work processes and leverage code free platforms to automate workflow, enabling you to optimize your operation.

Email/Event/Time Management

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Typical legal processes are still managed by email and spreadsheets. Companies and law firms remain stuck in day to day activities, unable to take time out to make change occur. No more is prevalent, than with email and calendaring. Not centralizing events and tracking emails within matters, makes the entire process more time consuming and inefficient. 

Legal  solutions automate manual processes and pull messages and spreadsheets out of someone’s inbox or off their desktop and places them into a system that facilitates better collaboration, increased efficiencies and improved visibility. And without the need to support day-to-day activity, you can focus on operating the department more strategically

Legal Automation Group leverages platforms that enable the creation of emails an events, centralizes all of the entries, and stores this important information in a logical, centralized and accessible manner. Never find yourself searching for an important email and never miss another meeting in the future. 

Best of all, all of your time can be directly related/tracked to tasks, emails and events, making it simple to account for every activity. 

Billing Management

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Legal billing software makes managing the legal billing process easier and more efficient. Law firms require seamless ways to bill for every service that they provide and legal operations departments need to manage spend with outside counsel. This includes reviewing billable activities and time entries, generating and or reviewing invoices, collecting and or making payments, and more.  

Legal Automation Group understands the importance of the dollars and cents. We recognize that your time is valuable and spending it on activities that don't leverage your expertise, is not ideal.

Our approach starts with the core set of business processes. Legal automation platforms can then be tailored to your exact requirements. Billing related activities should be automated to the degree possible, so you and your team can focus on service delivery.


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Traditional legal management products are comprised of silos of information. Next generation approaches bring all of your valuable information into a single source of truth.With all your legal management information stored in a single source of truth, legal departments and law firms have the opportunity to mine this data for valuable insights. 

By providing the visibility and measurement to show progress and effectiveness of strategies in reaching goals, you can enable the entire team to use data within the decision making process. 

Legal Automation Group helps companies leverage their data to gain efficiency and reduce spend. Through dashboards and better tools for accessing data, users are able to consume, analyze, visualize and interact with data through a user-friendly interface that provides detailed views relevant to the needs and preferences of each person or role.